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"MUSIC speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole."


House Concerts

Have you ever thought about having a concert in your own home? If the idea of sharing an intimate performance by Randy and Rai in your own home with 20-75 (depending on how big your house is) like minded music fans such as your family and friends appeals to you, then please consider becoming yet another vital link in the web that supports this spiritually rich but financially marginal vocation of ours alive!

Presenting a house concert is pretty easy! Once we arrange a date, the rest falls into place by following a few helpful suggestions - 'How to Host a House Concert'You need to figure out how many people you can comfortably fit in your home, back yard or local community hall, where you can procure sufficient seating (borrowing a few folding chairs from neighbors or asking your guests to bring their own), and then inviting friends, family, co-workers and/or other local folks by email, postcards, flyers, and word of mouth.

For your comfort and security, with your permission, we only post contact info (and not your address) on our online calendar, Facebook, and in any paper mailings, so that folks will have to contact you to make reservations, and so you can keep track of everyone who is coming to your home.


Contact Us by email with the subject line of 'House Concert' or call us at (780)987-4302 to book your very own concert.



For bookings:

email rsmithpg@telus.net

or call (780) 863-2860